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Shirley Fuller

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Tuesday, September 15

Tammy Mummert
Kami Cobb (10)
Tammy Butterfield

Happy Anniversary to:
Mike and Kelly Ellis
Dale and Barb Scott

Monday, September 14

Nicole DeVos (9)
Mason Meitzenheimer (18)
Matt Rose
Dorie Kolker
Tristan Korelski
Madison Harman
Justin Pritts
Charlotte Wolfgang

Happy Anniversary to:
Simon and Karlee Fuller
Kathy and Jerry Woodall

Friday, September 11

Birthday Cake Winner is Richard Wych

Cody Carlson (19)
Don Mummert
Drey Bezoni
Avery Frey
Richard Wych
Kerisa Pingel

Consignment Auction

SUNDAY, AUGUST 30, 2015 AT 11:00 A.M.

1st Ring starting Tin Beer Signs and Beer Lights, then furniture and appliances, 2nd Ring starting on coins and antiques then flat racks. Laarge items selling… Continue reading

Memorial Presbyterian Church

The Memorial Presbyterian Church in Cherokee is looking for a Choir Director to lead the Choir in Church two Sundays per month. If you have some experience and are fun and energetic then send your resume to the

Memorial Presbyterian… Continue reading


VT currently has openings on First and Second Shifts for Production.

VT also needs a Second Shift Maintenance Technician and a Toolroom Attendant.

Second shift production starts from $13.65 to $14 per hour.
Maintenance is based on skills and experience… Continue reading

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